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Jack & Sandi Falk

Jack & Sandi Falk

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Folsom Life Article about our Community Service

Falk couple receives

Lions humanitarian award

By Marc Maloney

Folsom Life writer


As realtors, Jack and Sandi Falk know plenty about

helping a client find a dream home. Recently, though, the

term “dream home” has taken on a whole new meaning for the

couple, who recently completed a trip that to East Baton

Rouge, Louisiana, to help build new homes for former New

Orleans residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

For their efforts in Louisiana and their previous work

to bring medical care to farm workers in Mexico, the Falks

recently received a humanitarian award from the Roseville

Sunrise Lions Club.

The Falks’ decision to go to Louisiana to help

hurricane victims stemmed from the frustration the couple

felt as they watched television footage of the storm and its


“When Katrina hit, Sandi and I wanted to help immediately,”

Jack recalled. “We wanted to be there in person and show

them that America cares about them.”

Showing they care, the Falks boarded an airplane this May

and flew, at their own expense, to Louisiana, where they

helped a group from Habitat for Humanity, the international

nonprofit ecumenical Christian housing ministry that builds

low-cost homes for families that need shelter.

The Falks spent a week helping build 14 homes in one

East Baton Rouge neighborhood, spending most of their time

working with other realtors and lenders from across the

country on solid, if not fancy, houses for hurricane

victims. Much of the work took place in less than ideal


“It was hot and humid and it rained about daily,” Falk

said. Working in a newly-created subdivision, the crew

methodically built one-story homes with three bedrooms, one

and a half bathrooms, and a carport.

“The homes were all pretty standardized, and we had a

lot of help,” Falk said. “All of the concrete slabs were

already poured when we arrived, and all the landscaping,

plumbing, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air

conditioning) work was done by professionals.”

For Falk, the looks on the faces of the people getting

new homes was the best, most memorable part of the trip.

“All the people were really nice and so appreciative,”

he said. “Sandi said she’ll never forget seeing the joy in

the peoples’ faces. We let them know that strangers care

about them and want to help them.”

The trip to Louisiana this June was not the first time

the Falks have

spent their own money traveling to aid people in need; the

couple also has traveled to Mexico to help build medical

clinics for farm workers. Jack sees some similarities

between the trips.

“In both cases, we were able to give back and give

hope, and we were able to make an immediate difference in

someone’s life,” he said. “Also, in both cases, we left

realizing there was lots more work to do there.”

ÓFolsom Life Newspaper, reprinted with permission.

SANDI FALK not only sells homes, she builds them. Here she

cuts drywall for the interior of the Habitat for Humanity

homes in East Baton Rouge, La.

JACK FALK balances on a ladder to nail particleboard around

the exterior of a Habitat for Humanity home. Jack and Sandi

Falk left their real estate business in Folsom to help build

homes for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

FARM WORKERS LINE UP for care at the new clinic in Mexico.

The Falks were there in November 2005 assisting with eye

exams. The trip took two days by private plane. Most the

pilots were doctors.